Etude House colour in liquid lips

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Hello there. So for today I want to review about color in liquid lips from etude house , im very excited to show you guys ! :) . The packaging is really cute !!, that why I hate Etude house because my money burn for this stuff , xD. Actually this is my FIRST TIME I buy makeup at Etude House . LOL xD

The CIL (color in liquid) are look like this , really nice and affordable also unic i think. At first I think CIL is Liptint but it's not xD

I get two color which is cod pp501(left)  pk001(right) . I choose hot pink and soft pink because I just wanna try the color to my lips and it's pretty nice ! I love it so much , the texture is so creamy it's like liquid laaa .

It's make you easy to apply :) . So that all my review , for this product I give 9/10 because its not long wear , you know its creamy not matte ..

Etude House (Festival City)
RM 71.00
But have promotion buy 1 free 1

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Maybelline Malaysia

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Hola ! hari ni aina buat cuti sendiri sebab penat *alasan . Hari ahad semalam baru balik daripada kem perkhefom 3 hari 2 malam , sooooo tired ok bye and !!! petang tadi Aina ade pergi watsons , actually nak cari lip balm sebab bibir Aina merekah agak teruk juga dan semestinya rasa sakit dan pedih aaaa nak nangis , alang alang pergi sana beli lah beberapa barang yang menarik perhatian Aina.

1.Maybelline Baby skin pore

1. Maybelline Baby Skin pore
 Sebenarnya baby skin ni bukan skincare routine Aina pun dan first time beli , gatal sangat nak cuba 
so aina beli lah , texture dia agak oily tapi best pakai , benda ni boleh blur kan korang punya pore .
2. Maybelline  mineral concealer

3. Organic lip balm 

Aina nak cuba yang organic lip balm sebab bibir asyik merekah . lip balm ni 98% organic dan bila pakai sangat moist dan bau dia wangi ! perisa strawberry & resberry.

Baby skin maybelline : watsons : RM 28.94
Maybelline mineral makeup : watsons : RM 18.99
Organic balm : guardian : RM 17.85

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