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Hello there. So for today I want to review about color in liquid lips from etude house , im very excited to show you guys ! :) . The packaging is really cute !!, that why I hate Etude house because my money burn for this stuff , xD. Actually this is my FIRST TIME I buy makeup at Etude House . LOL xD

The CIL (color in liquid) are look like this , really nice and affordable also unic i think. At first I think CIL is Liptint but it's not xD

I get two color which is cod pp501(left)  pk001(right) . I choose hot pink and soft pink because I just wanna try the color to my lips and it's pretty nice ! I love it so much , the texture is so creamy it's like liquid laaa .

It's make you easy to apply :) . So that all my review , for this product I give 9/10 because its not long wear , you know its creamy not matte ..

Etude House (Festival City)
RM 71.00
But have promotion buy 1 free 1

thank you for reading

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